All Florida Fishing Books Include:  a free copy of the current Florida fishing regulations GBC Bound into the front of the book. We also include  free update Coupon for the next 6 months. Florida fishing regulations are updated by the State every 6 months

"This is a truly easy to follow "Florida fish & fishing reference book"

WE ALSO HAVE A COMPLETELY LAMINATED VERSION OF THE FLORIDA FISHING BOOKS ........... $26.95 (also includes laminated fish Identification chart)

Our laminated full color Florida saltwater fishing book of the south book has both laminated front and back cover. Inside pages are printed is on 100 lb. coated text paper. We include a free laminated Saltwater fish identification chart that fold and fits in the tackle box as well.


Below: Our completely laminated Florida fishing book laminated version has all the pages laminated. Excellent for boats. Spine is GBC Plastic so no rust will occur. Free laminated Florida saltwater fish identification chart included with the book.


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Actual pages from our Fishing Book

There are no other fishing reference books with actual fish photos as clear and easy to identify. The fish photos are placed next to the tackle & bait. Thus it is easy to understand the many species of saltwater fish you will encounter.



 The Florida Fish & Florida Fishing books cover the Sport Saltwater Fish  of Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana
  • Our Florida Fishing Books are Printed on high gloss 100 lb. paper, 10 point laminated Krome Kote cover and back.

  • Our Florida Fishing Books are GBC bound for easy flipping though pages.

  • The Florida fishing reference books are 51/2 X 81/2 and  is sized to  fit  tackle boxes and glove compartments.

  • The Florida Fishing books include" The Bait Fish ". with clear photos with bait and tackle next to every fish.

  • The Florida Salt water Fishing books contains clear full color pictures (not illustrations) of the Regulated salt water fish of the South. Makes for easy identification.

  • The Florida Fishing Reference Book has a section of fishing knots with easy illustrations to follow.

  • The Florida Fishing reference books have a section of  IGFA world record fish.

  • The Florida fishing books have a section on the new hook, venting regulations and reef rules.

  • The Florida fishing books include a section on how to properly measure the fish.

  • The Florida fishing books Include Tuna, Crabs, Clams, Oysters, Scallops, Billfish and thirty two species of sharks.


  • Free updates of changes of State regulations are also posted on our  web site. This way you can match the fish in the books with the current size and catch limits.

Plastic Spiral Bound Florida Salt Water Fishing  Books  (64page Full color Tackle box size - 51/2 X 81/2) book......  

 Set includes:  Spiral Bound Book & Fish Laminated Identification chart

 ........................................PRICE $16.95



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These Fishing Reference Books have actual Clear fish photos &  tackle, next to every fish in the books, for easy fish identification and fishing reference